How to Be an Amazing Conversationalist with Guys

how to be an amazing conversationalist

Tips on how to be a good conversationalist with guys

It has to be said, men can often be superficial when seeking partners, fixating on looks and bodies and less concerned with intelligence. However, no relationship is going to last unless there’s chemistry, which is why you need to know how to become a better conversationalist. If you can keep him engaged on a diverse range of topics as well as ensuring he is attracted to you physically, you simply can’t go wrong.

So how to be an amazing conversationalist? Think of positive subjects to discuss, and for the initial stages, keep things neutral. Don’t get all existential and fret about the likelihood of the polar ice caps dissolving over the next week or so. The art of how to become a great conversationalist relies on choosing interesting dialogue and chatting amiably. How to be a good conversationalist is also as much about listening. Absolutely this must be two-way.

What to discuss

Tips for being a good conversationalist include avoiding contentious issues. Politics and religion are both anathema to friendly dialogue. If you’ve ever wondered about how to talk with a guy, make sure you never judge. Sometimes you might have to bite your tongue, but it’s perfectly easy to diffuse a situation by making light of a remark you disagree with. Stick your tongue out then demand he gets the next round in rather than launching into a furious rebuke!

Embracing different viewpoints is another way of making great conversationalists. It can be very entertaining listening to someone trying to get a point across that you don’t necessarily agree with. Becoming a good conversationalist is all about giving them space to let off steam before you introduce your own point of view. If you’re not actually getting up on your high horse and shouting to the rafters he might well end up seeing it from your perspective and agreeing with you.

Be yourself

The secret to becoming a great conversationalist is to keep an open mind. Avoid fake news on social media and seek out credible sources for stories. Above all, be yourself. Great conversationalists let the other person speak, allowing the discourse to flow. A positive and sometimes frank exchange of opinions is a terrific way for couples to bond. You might wonder what you have to do differently to become a good conversationalist. The chances are you already are.

Even if there’s nothing wrong with your conversational skills, in any walk of human experience there’s always room for improvement. So you can always work on developing your technique. Practice with family. Or friends. Why not even run through a few phrases in front of the mirror, fine-tuning your oratory techniques. Next conversation you have you’ll be articulate as a gameshow host!