How to Achieve a Perfect Platonic Friendship with a Guy

how to be friends with a guy

What platonic friendship means

The thought of having a platonic friendship might sound straightforward enough, but in reality it can be quite an awkward situation. With most male/female relationships the dynamic tends to be focused on the physical side of things. On the other hand, it is quite possible for the opposite sexes to remain good friends, avoiding any of the potential for friction that can rise once you become romantically attached.

The best way to let a guy know you are not interested in a physical partnership is to be totally honest from the outset. Explain that you are newly looking for a close friend and confidante.

How to make female friends as a guy

For many men, a worrying situation is when you come to crossing the line with your platonic friend. You might be in situations where are you are having a lot to drink and she might start becoming flirtatious. At this point you need to make it clear that you are simply not interested in taking this sort of behaviour any further. The best way to deal with this flirting is not to flirt back, but to treat it flippantly. This will place any sexual advances in the context of being jokey and fun; certainly nothing to be taken seriously.

In order to keep a relationship platonic you need to cement the valuable trust you have. Let your friends know that you are always the for them and can be relied upon to share problems. If you want your special friend to remain strictly platonic, you could always involve her in some of your activities with your mates. Why not invite her along to a meal or drinks. If she was your actual girlfriend, this is normally the sort of position that she would only find herself in if there were other couples present. Instead you are letting her know that she is an extremely valued friend: one of your inner circle.

What if I want to have sex with my friend?

If you away for the weekend together, you might never put yourself in a position where there is ever the slightest possibility of succumbing to temptation after a few drinks. Separate rooms is a good idea. However, we are only human and you might find that natural urges overcome that urge to stay companions.

The most important thing of all is to value your friendship. Even the most platonic of couple might lapse into moments of lust, and when this does happen you must be honest. Contextualize what has just occured by discussing it afterwards and agreeing that it shouldn’t really happen again. Don’t let the events cloud what you have. And never feel embarrassed about it. A far more mature outlook would be to accept that we all have flaws and frailties.