So you Fancy Your Friend? Here’s How to Get Out of the Friendzone

how to get out of the friendzone

How to come out of friend zone: assess your chances

Before doing anything hasty it’s essential you appraise the situation. And with complete honesty, as this is no time for wishful thinking. Has your friend given hints he/she might want to be more than your buddy? If you flirt with each other, do you both simply laugh it off or is there a frisson of excitement? You can start your plan by subtly upping the suggestive remarks, getting more adventurous with your stories. While injecting humor, always try making your chat seem more sexy than funny. Once you know how to flirt with a friend you can take it to the next level.

How to escape the friend zone by some self-improvement

It could well be that your friend doesn’t see you as a potential partner because you’re just not their type. With relationships, physical attraction is all-important, so when it comes to jumping from friend to something more, you need to commit. Spend some time at your local gym – without letting them in on your secret mission. Do regular exercise outdoors. There’s no harm in getting a smart haircut, or treating yourself to new outfits. As well as improving your own self-esteem, hopefully your friend will notice your new muscle definition and eyecatching wardrobe.

A little jealousy can go a long way

This might seem counterproductive, but if you want to let a girl know you like her, unleash the green-eyed monster! If she is used to hanging with you a lot of her time, make excuses for not seeing her. Better still, arrange to do things with other friends. You can really test that adage that absense makes the heart grow fonder. When you do reunite there may well be a quickening of pulses.

What lies beyond flirting?

If you really want to know how to make your best friend your girlfriend, the best advice is actually quite straightforward. When considering how to flirt with a friend, adopt the same attitude you would normally when acting exactly this way with a fanciable stranger. Don’t think of your friend as your friend anymore. Forget those everyday activities you’ve done together for as long as you care to remember. See her in a different light, as an interesting and vivacious woman you want to get to know better. Change the way you look at her. Get tactile – subtly, of course – but let her see your assertive, masculine side.

If your mission to flirt has sent the correct messages, she may well begin flirting right back at you, cracking jokes laden with inneundo. Transforming from friend to boy/girlfriend is hardly about bridging a huge gap. If you’ve always had a close connection you’re already halfway there.