How to Read Women’s Body Language - Tips for Men

how to read women body language

Body language makes up a good 75% of how we communicate with each other and reading female body language can be particularly tricky. So let’s review female body language signs and what they may mean to give you a better idea of your woman needs.

Signs a Woman is Flirting with You

One of the first aspects on how to read a woman and her body language is if she is flirting with you. Perhaps you have been friends or have just met but think she may be into you, but you have no idea if you’re just imagining these signs. Reading female body language is difficult and you must remember that there will be slight differences. When a girl plays with her hair, for instance, this is normally a sign that she is interested in you. This is because hair flipping or even playing with her hair is something done subconsciously to draw your attention to her. This could be to engage you in conversation or so you notice her in a particular light. Furthermore, when a woman touches you this tends to be a sign that she wishes to get closer to you. Especially touching areas such as your arms can be playful and affectionate, it is subtle but could indicate she is interested in you. Even though you may know how to read her body language, continue to be considerate that it may have been read wrong.

How to Know if She Loves You with Her Body Language

Perhaps at this stage you have moved on from casual flirting and suggestive conversation and you’re looking to move to the next step of your relationship. Saying ‘I love you,’ and not hearing it back can be devastating and you want to know if she feels the same way too. Knowing how to read her body language in this aspect can be a massive help in discovering how she feels about you. It may sound simplistic but if she is smiling a lot this could be a sign that she is in love with you. The hormones that pulse through your body when you’re in love make you happy, especially when you’re around that special person. Even something like continuous eye contact could mean that she loves and trusts you a lot. Female body language signs for love are subtle, but should have a caring and natural air to them.

Women’s Body Language in Bed

How to read women in bed is not as tricky as it may seem. Women will typically turn their back on you if they’re not interested in sleeping with you, but will turn directly towards you and move certain parts of their body closer. When a woman touches you in bed you’ll notice if there is any hesitation and this may mean that she isn’t sure about the situation. Sometimes all that is needed is some calm conversation and discussion, either way women tend to be rather open about the topic. You’ll have a clearer idea if this is what she wants as a lot of the flirting signs of women tend to be implemented when wanting to sleep with someone. This is because girl flirting signs are used to attract the partner they desire and therefore are good signs for the bedroom as well.