5 First Date Conversation Tips That’ll Break the Ice

first date conversation tips

So your crush finally has agreed to go out with you on a date. First, congrats! Secondly, do you know what you’ll talk about on that date? The questions you ask and how you respond can have a big impact on how successful your date is – chemistry be damned.

Don’t worry! If you hadn’t planned that far ahead, we’ve got a conversation topics for a first date that will help the conversation flow smoothly throughout the night.

1. Don’t Be Afraid to Admit Nervousness.

Some people will tell you that it isn’t a good idea admitting that you’re nervous to your date. There are some who will tell you that you have to play that you’re calm, cool, and collected at all times. We think otherwise. If you’re nervous, chances are your date is. By commenting on it, it can ease the tension and you may even notice your date relaxes, too.

2. Ask Questions!

The whole point of a first date is to get to know each other, right? So it would make sense that you want to ask questions and learn about one another. The questions you ask should be ones that requires more than one word answers, and that can be expanded on. Here are our favorite questions to ask:

• What prompted you to get into [insert career, hobby, interest]?

• What is your favorite memory of growing up?

• Would you be ashamed of your browser’s search history?
If so, what was your last search inquiry?

• What is more important to you, friends, family, or career?

3. Talk About Hobbies.

Talking about hobbies is a great way to see if you two share something in common, but it also helps to move the conversation along – especially when it has died down and has hit a lull. You can do this by saying something like, “Have you ever tried [hobby/interest]? I’ve been doing it for [length of time] and I absolutely love it!” and so on.

4. Remember to Go Slow.

When we are trying to figure out what to talk about on a first date, we often feel like we have to bear our souls right then and there. That isn’t the case at all! You want to give your date a small glimpse into your life. Remember that old adage, leave them wanting more. In this case, only reveal essential information about you and your life and the rest will come out as you continue dating.

5. Bad First Date Conversation Topics

While the first date is the perfect time to get to know someone, there are some topics that you’ll want to avoid on the first date. This includes, the big three – No politics. No Religion. No Exes. Other topics you’ll want to avoid includes finances, income, sex, and future plans with the person (this means talking about marriage, children, vacations, and so forth).

Going on a first date isn’t something you should be afraid of. It’s a wonderful chance to meet someone new and possibly fall in love down the road (or right away, if you believe in love at first sight).

Leave us a comment below and tell us what is your go-to first date conversation starter.