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Texts Guys Love to Receive: Make Him Feel Great via SMS

how to text a guy to turn him on
Everyone loves to receive text messages, so why not make your guy feel amazing via SMS? With so many ‘don’ts’ when it comes to texting, including don’t text right after a date, don’t double text etc., you may be wondering ...Read More

Is it OK to Kiss on the First Date?

Should you kiss on the first date
There are so many dating rules that it’s become difficult to keep track. Perhaps the most common of these is not having sex on the first date. Whilst this is understandable, some people believe that even kissing on the first ...Read More

How to Turn a Guy On and Leave Him Wanting More

Tips to turn a guy on
Do you want to improve your love life? Then it makes sense to learn what turns a guy on! After all, the importance of great sex in a relationship can’t be understated. Of course, different men get turned on by ...Read More

Top 10 Simple Date Ideas

simple fun cheap date ideas
Amazing Date Ideas That are Easy, Cheap and Romantic! Your date night doesn’t have to be convoluted or expensive to be romantic as there are plenty of budget date ideas that can transform your outing. We have created a list ...Read More

Vital Information on Self-Sabotaging Relationships

Self-Sabotaging Relationships
Self-Sabotage Within a Relationship Forming a strong relationship with someone is vital to many people’s happiness but there are some people who continuously sabotage their relationships. Whether they’re/you’re aware of it many people exhibit tell-tale signs of self-sabotaging behaviour in ...Read More

Fun Date Ideas for the Summer

Summer Date Ideas
Cute Summer Date Ideas Everybody loves to spend time in the sun and what better way to experience the season than by spending time with the person you love. Instead of doing the usual activities you can design and complete ...Read More