Nobody is Perfect, but What are Typical Flaws in a Girl?

what are typical flaws in a girl?

What is the meaning of flaw?

Flaws in a person are what make them human and therefore interesting. If you have ever asked what is the meaning of flaws in the context of relationships, it’s all about the little quirks and idiosyncrasies that apply to individuals. Life would be very boring if everyone had perfect personalities without any indication of the unique passions driving them.

What are flaws in a girl? While there can be any number of these it’s important to realize these are not necessarily negatives. It could be argued that a girlfriend caring so much about you she’s always looking at ways to make this obvious is a flaw. It’s also very flattering to you. What about tardiness? This is often the female’s prerogative but they get away with it, flaw or not, because they’ll be guaranteed to look drop-dead-gorgeous when they do show up.

Can a woman ever be perfect?

If you’ve ever wondered if there’s a definitive answer to how to tell a girl she is perfect, don’t fret. This is definitely a subjective viewpoint so you don’t need to justify letting her know how you feel. Just tell her she is the most perfect woman in every way. Seriously, if you really are looking for the perfect woman you’re pretty much on a hiding to nothing.

No matter how often you’ve pondered how to find the perfect woman, here’s a kernel of truth for you. She doesn’t exist. Even the most breathtakingly stunning supermodels will suffer from bad hair days, or look like something the cat dragged in when they first wake up in the morning, especially after a few glasses of plonk the night before. It’s important to focus on what makes us human, and that’s imperfections not some mythical but nonsensical notion of perfection. Remember, we may not be perfect, any of us, but love is.

What do men find attractive?

The trouble with men is they often have ridiculous preconceptions about what might constitute the ideal girlfriend. ‘Create perfect woman’ will be a mantra flashing into their mind when a mate suggests they tag along to make up the numbers in a foursome. Before the venue for this blind date has even been decided they’ll already be conjuring a picture based on a cliched view of what men like in women: slim but outrageously curvaceous (as if the two extremes can somehow fantastically meld together in one package.) She’ll have a submissive personality, never overbearing – except in the bedroom.

But it’s important to be realistic and ask why men love women. If it’s for self-gratification, you’ll inevitably be disappointed. If it’s out of mutual respect, with a willingness to accept flaws as character traits, then you’ll have a much better time.