What Things Men Find Attractive in Women

what men find attractive in women

Take a chill pill

A useful way of answering what guys find attractive in a girl is to flip the question and ask which behavioral aspects are the least appealing? One consistent turn-off is women who have meltdowns. There could be a thousand and one triggers that prompt a full-on display of anger and frustration, from chipped fingernails to a bad hair day. When this happens in public the man will want to run a mile. And might never return. The truth is most blokes will do anything for an easy life. Calmness and sincerity are more likeable traits.

Brains over beauty

Regardless of how beautiful they may be, women can be insecure, frequently asking what men want from women. They fret about their figure, with fluctuating weight often cause for concern. Their wardrobe could be an issue – whether or not they should wear a particular outfit because it doesn’t flatter their figure, or is overtly flattering and he might consider it tarty. Always be aware beauty is only skin deep. Most males find intelligence far more of a turn-on. Bimbos with cracking beach physiques are fine to look at, but often crushingly boring when it comes to conversation. Connection is as much about a meeting of minds as hormones.

Creative minds are interesting ones

What makes a woman attractive? The desire to explore her creative side. This indicates her personality is multi-layered and she has a lot of interests, especially if her hobbies include art or music. Appreciation of literature or theatre are also pluses. If a guy is entering into a relationship and discovers his new partner plays guitar or has an exceptional singing voice, he’ll delight in the prospect of going to see her play in gigs. What if she writes poetry, or novels? These are all aspects of a creative mind, a person who will make a far more ideal partner than someone who is stuck behind a PC screen for 40 hours a week.

That romantic spark

There are so many possibilities when considering what guys find attractive in a girl, but the most obvious one is that she has a romantic side. Much are there is a tradition that the male should take the lead on many occasions, displaying decisiveness and opening doors left, right and centre, there is also scope for the female to make an effort to do the sweeping off of feet. The onus may be on him to buy flowers, but he’ll be equally appreciative of simple gestures. A gift purchased from eBay, regardless of whether or not his birthday is imminent, will fill his heart with joy. Why not book a table for two at that new restaurant? Each time you pamper him he’ll love you just that little bit more.