Secrets on How to Find the Right Guy

how to find the right guy

How to pick the right guy for you

While it can be easy enough to dismiss sayings as being little more than cautionary advice, one that rings very true is ‘beauty is only skin deep.’ Physical attraction is certainly what draws us to potential partners. But if you’re looking for the right guy you need to approach this with a more open mind than just hoping to meet someone resembling your favorite movie star. Appearance is just one aspect. It is important, but is also superficial compared to the factors that will drive chemistry.

Why women choose the wrong men is often down to this basic mistake. They focus on the physical attributes at the expense of the more complex factors that go towards making an interesting, fulfilling and potential long-term partner. What is far more important than a handsome face and a six-pack is a winning personality, kindness, willingness to compromise, intelligence and aspiration.

The right man is someone who will support you through thick and thin, not some narcissus who is forever checking himself out in mirrors, or is obsessed with seeing if his latest Instagram posting has attracted any likes.

Finding the right man – location

Where you are actually looking is key. One obvious factor is the social setting. The prospect of meeting an interesting guy drives many females towards wine bars and clubs every weekend, hoping to be whisked off their feet by some handsome stranger. People do connect in these locations and go on to enjoy meaningful partnerships. For the most part, punters who meet in the alcohol-fueled atmosphere of late-night bars, surrounded by loud music, accept they are in the realm of one-night stands.

Your demeanor can send out all sorts of signals, consciously or subconsciously. If you are on the lookout for the right guy you need to ensure you don’t look too desperate, or end up being rude to anyone who isn’t up to your high standards as this is where a negative reputation – no matter how false – can develop.

A good way of coming across the right guy is to be looking in situations where you are liable to have a lot in common in the first place. Think of any interests or hobbies that you are particularly passionate about. No consider where there are clubs where you could meet like-minded individuals. Coming across someone in these social situations is instantly going to give you common ground when it comes to breaking the ice in conversations.

When will I find the right guy?

Lastly, the more you build the whole exercise up into some sort of competition, the less likely you’ll find the right guy at all. Don’t be focused on when it is going to happen. Simply let it happen of its own accord. It surely will.