Having Casual Sex with a Friend: Think Twice

Sleeping with your best friend

Sex with a friend can be appealing, especially if you care about them and have lots of fun together. Plus, you get to enjoy friends sleeping together without all the drama that comes with a relationship. What could be better? Whilst having sex with a friend might sound ideal, there are sound pitfalls to consider. Here’s why you might want to think twice before sleeping with friends…

The pitfalls of sex with a friend

If you’re close to your friend and can talk to them about anything, it’s no surprise that you’re thinking about taking your friendship to the next level. You probably feel a connection with them and have started to think about them in a different way. But is it worth risking what you’ve got for a night of pure passion? Just friends sex might be a bad idea, and here’s why.

You’ll risk your friendship

Once you get down and dirty with your friend, there’s no going back. Your friendship will never be the same again, and you need to ask yourself whether you’re fully prepared for this. Sex with your best friend might be fantastic, but things can never go back to how they once were. If you don’t want to risk your friendship with your friend, don’t jump into bed with them. Knowing how to go back to being friends after sleeping together can be extremely difficult.

Feelings might not be reciprocated

The problem with having sex with a friend is that one of you might develop feelings for the other. A night of passion can quickly develop into a morning of romantic feelings. This isn’t surprising, especially if you like each other and you’re having great sex. Unfortunately, sometimes feelings aren’t reciprocated. This risks one of you becoming hurt and your friendship that was once so good may quickly turn sour.

Your friendship group may be affected

Sleeping with your best guy friend can also complicate things with your shared friends. They may disagree with the two of your hooking up and might even take a few sly digs at you. Even if they don’t know about what happened, they will sense something is amiss and things will probably feel somewhat awkward when you’re all hanging out together. Plus, if things turn sour with your best friend after your night together, your friends may feel like they have to choose between you, fracturing your friendship group.

Some friends who have sex can quickly move on without their friendship being affected, but this isn’t always the case. Your friendship could be affected in a variety of ways, and you need to be sure that you’re willing to risk this. When you sleep with a friend, everything will change, and not always for the better. Can friends sleep together? Absolutely! But don’t fool yourself into thinking that your friendship will go back to how it once was.