How to Keep Your Man from Cheating

does your man cheat on you?

How to keep him from cheating

It’s an event that is the ultimate test of the strength of any relationship: infidelity. The prospect of how to love your husband after he cheated must be one that every woman dreads. Is there ever a way back?

A crucial outcome is that you have to analyze the situation and ask some tough questions. Why did my husband cheat? This doesn’t mean he no longer loves you, but it does reveal his insecurity. If you are willing to give him a second chance you can make sure he never strays again.

The truth is men have affairs because they are biologically programmed to have sex with multiple partners. This was what ensured the survival of the species back in the day before civilization and monogamy got in the way. So if you want to guarantee he never plays away, give him what he’s always fantasizing about under his own roof. Be bolder at initiating intimate encounters.

Admit you’d be open to a bit of experimentation, perhaps some outdoors action. But it’s equally important never to allow yourself to be taken for granted. Otherwise he’ll just want to have his cake and eat it all the time. Keep him on his toes. Give him reason to be jealous.

Why do guys cheat?

If you really want to know how to keep your man from cheating, remember that males are social creatures. Herd animals. Perhaps his mates like to brag about being unfaithful. He’ll want to be in on the act when it comes to checking out online porn or even sexting around. Perhaps he’s merely showing willing. Or is it a symptom of some deeper insecurity?

What if he has cheated?

The million-dollar question is what to do if your man cheats on you? Only you can answer that. The gut reaction will be to tell him it’s over. But relationships are more complicated than that. If you want to know how to treat a husband that cheated, it’s important to view infidelity in the context that it’s only a symptom. There are reasons why people suddenly decide to risk what are otherwise comfortable relationships for stolen moments of passion.

There are many ways to treat a man in a relationship. A common reason given for affairs is that a husband felt his needs weren’t being met. But you must never put him on a pedestal. The days of the meek housewife doing everything at his beck and call are long gone. There are times to support him, but other occasions when you should be assertive.

Affairs will harm the trust in a relationship, but they can also bring people together as it spotlights causes of disaffection. Once exposed, they can be dealt with.