Some Terrific Tips to Make Your Man Happy

how to make your man happy

Subtly massage that ego of his

One of the best tips on how to make your boyfriend happy is to give him compliments. A popular myth claims that males are somehow far less appreciative than females when it comes to being bigged up. The stereotypical image is the blockish slob who shoves any old clothes on, and only really gets passionate about things with four wheels or football on the box. That, of course, it’s nonsense. If he returns from the barbers, tell him you love his new hairstyle. Also, tell him you are impressed by his choice of get-up or his aftershave. Flirt a little, giving his muscles a squeeze as you ask him if he’s been working out. You’ll soon have him eating out of your hand.

Make yourself irresistible

Obviously, this whole attention thing is reciprocal, and knowing how to keep a man happy is as much about ensuring he has plenty to coo about where you are concerned. Say he is watching his team on TV while you shower. Why not make a show of pretending you’ve left something in the lounge? Tip-toe in suggestively with the towel only loosely protecting your modesty. Twenty-two grown men chasing a little ball will soon be the very last thing on his mind.

Men can be quite shallow when it comes to the female anatomy. Figure-hugging tops, short skirts, cleavage-enhancing bras, sexy makeup, potent perfume … there are so many weapons in your potential arsenal, and each and every one is guaranteed to bring a huge smile to his face.

Provide ever-reliable support

If you want to know how to make a man want you more, it’s not always about getting him hot under the collar. Your attention should be more all-rounded than simply appealing to his hormones, easy as that direct route is. Give him the impression you will always be there to support his endeavors.

Never tire of offering encouragement. In this respect, you are underlining you are so much more than a partner. You are also a close friend and confidante. Knowing that you are reliable will bring security to him. And for all their masculine bluster males can often be insecure.

Don’t be a doormat

One of the most important tips to keep your man is to never allow yourself to be taken for granted. If you prioritize his needs at the expense of your own, he will only be impressed in the short-term. This will soon turn to disillusionment if he thinks you are turning into a doormat. If you begin coming across as weak, then there will be a temptation to take advantage of you. Your relationship will become imbalanced. Unless you take steps to redress that situation he won’t be happy at all.