Sexual Tension is the Exciting Chemistry Drawing People Together

sexual tension body language signs

How to tell if there’s sexual tension

Many of the signs of sexual tension are subtle, sometimes to the extent you aren’t always aware of them. Unless you appreciate what to look for. The basic question to ask is, ‘what is sexual tension?’ Basically, this is the way someone will respond if they are strongly attracted to you, without actually coming out and admitting as much. It can be aspects of unspoken communication, such as excessive eye contact, or a lot of smiling and laughing.

Are there sparks in the workplace?

There will often be signs of sexual tension between a man and woman where they don’t know each other, revealed when they are in close proximity; queuing at a bar, or dancing in a club. Signs of sexual tension at work are often harder to identify because people have to behave in a certain way. So signs of sexual tension between coworkers might be reduced to knowing glances. Where there is chemistry between two people, this could be revealed in unspoken tension. Sexual tension symptoms might become obvious when they are in a situation where they are unobserved. If they share a lift, they’ll stand close together. The tension between two people in a photocopy room can lead to tactile behavior and banter.

Are you aware of sexual tension body language?

How do you know if you have sexual tension with someone? Think of how they speak to you. Does their voice often drop, so they have to step in close to you, then murmur into your ear? Do they appear to be slightly flustered in your presence? Does this nervousness translate as hanging on your every word, laughing at every joke you crack? Signs of lust in a woman will be apparent in the way she looks at you. If this happens frequently, even when you are not actually addressing her directly, this is a surefire indicator you are centremost in her thoughts.

Signs of sexual tension between friends

People unsure of this situation might not appreciate how to deal with sexual tension, especially where this behavior is occurring between friends. Multiple questions arise. What happens when harmless flirting escalates? When you feel attracted to someone, do they feel it too? How do you know if someone is thinking about you sexually? A valuable piece of advice would be to take a step back. Do you value your friendship enough to suppress your sexual feelings for the simple reason it would be difficult to remain friends if you happened to break up? Or do you consider what you have between you is strong enough to survive the fallout? There are no easy answers to these issues, as the outcomes depend on the individuals.