Internet Affairs: Is Chatting Online Cheating?

virtual cheating

The internet makes it easy to stay in touch with friends and loved ones. Being constantly connected allows people to chat and share photos whenever they like, helping to improve relationships. However, it can also create new ways of being unfaithful too. Is talking cheating? Not always, but it could develop into an affair in time. In this article, we’ll consider if chatting online is cheating. And when does innocent conversation turn into affair chat?

How do you know when chatting becomes online cheating

Unfortunately, it’s not always clear when chatting with someone online becomes cheating. For many people, this might happen when their partner looks up an old girlfriend on social media. For others, it’s not until flirting becomes physical that an affair occurs. Often, someone may feel hurt and betrayed by their husband or wife chatting to someone else online but feel unsure about whether they have the right to feel this way. Even if they never broach the subject, the relationship can quickly become brittle. Here are the signs that innocent chat has turned into unacceptable cheating chat.

They’d rather talk to them instead of you

If you find that your partner is constantly distracted and always seems to be waiting for their phone to buzz with a new message, this could be bad news. It may be that as soon as they come in from work, they check their Facebook page instead of talking to you first. If this is happening, it’s a big sign that online infidelity is taking place.

Chatting is taking place at odd times

If your partner is chatting with someone online at strange times, such as late at night when he thinks you’re asleep or whilst you’re having dinner, this is a big red flag. No online chatting should interrupt the time you should be spending together. If it is, it’s a big sign that chatting has turned into virtual cheating.

They attempt to hide it

Has your partner tried to hide a conversation with someone? If so, it’s a big indication that they’re doing something they shouldn’t. If the conversation is innocent, they wouldn’t be trying to hide it from you. They may be arranging naughty liaisons, or they may be having online emotional affairs. Both scenarios can be just as hurtful.

They refuse to stop chatting

If you’ve asked your partner to stop chatting online and they refuse, it’s possible that they have become emotionally invested the person they’re talking to. If the relationship is innocent and nothing is going on, they wouldn’t have a problem ceasing communication with someone. If they refuse to stop chatting online, it’s likely that this has turned into affair chat.

Even if your partner hasn’t been physical with the person they’re chatting with, it’s still possible that a romantic relationship has formed. If you’re worried that they’ve taken their online relationship too far, it’s time to have a serious talk with them as soon as possible. You may still be able to salvage your relationship if they’re prepared to stop chatting with someone online.