Is Having Sex with Your Ex Ever Cool? What are the Pitfalls?

sex with an ex

When is it okay to have sex with the ex?

First of all, having sex with the ex is something that can occur naturally. Say you bump into each other socially, one thing leads to another… Next thing you know you end up sleeping with your ex after a breakup. The key issue here is not the chemistry that still exists between you and has irresistibly drawn you together again like magnets. No, the major something, or a one-off? If either of you has moved on, what if their new partner finds out? Why did you split in the first place and have any issues been resolved? Do you have differing expectations?

Should you ever sleep with your ex?

Some individuals are thin on the morality of going back to a previous partner because, at the end of the day, they see sex as instant gratification first. Life’s too short to dwell on consequences. Perhaps there was nothing casual about the get-together – did you spend some time working on a strategy of how to get your ex to have sex with you? If the initial split was one-sided, a whole different dynamic enters the scenario, especially if you were the one who was dumped. If you feel spurned, sleeping with an ex you still love will be a dream come true. If the intensity of your feelings isn’t reciprocated, you could be in for another huge disappointment.

I slept with my ex, should I feel guilty?

If you’ve been thinking about how to have sex with your ex for some time, perhaps you’ve finally concocted an excuse to be alone with them. If having sex with an ex has been preying on your mind and you’ve achieved this, you’ll probably be assuming round two can happen anytime. If you’re a female who set out to sleep with an ex-boyfriend, have you considered how this might destabilize your friendship? You don’t want him to assume he can take you to bed anytime he feels like it. Especially if he’s in a new relationship and you’ve now been relegated to the bit on the side. If he doesn’t feel guilty about his actions, he is not likely to show you any commitment.

The likely consequences after sex with an ex

It’s one thing to sleep with an ex-boyfriend. You rarely have to spend too long contemplating how to ask your ex for sex. Men can be shallow creatures who respond to flattery. But you never want to be taken for granted. Bear in mind there’s a reason you’re approaching this from the position of being separate rather than a loving couple. If there’s no chance of this changing, you’re only going to be disappointed.