The Tell-Tale Signs of a Cheating Wife

signs your wife is cheating

Any man in a relationship will not want to think about the idea of their wife cheating. However, it can happen and it does happen and so, if you want to find out how to know if your wife is cheating, you need to keep an eye of for those clear signs that could indicate that something is going on.

She Won’t Let You See Her Phone

We all have smartphones and they do hold some aspects of our lives that we want to keep hidden from our partners but if she keeps her phone hidden then you could have a cheating housewife. If she has changed her phone password or turns the screen away from you when using it, you have every reason to believe she is cheating.

She Talks About Affairs

Talking about affairs is not a natural discussion in any relationship, so if she starts discussing it and asking questions then these are signs your wife is cheating. When your wife talks about cheating she could be doing it in order to find out how you react to it. Perhaps she might ask you if you would leave her if she had an affair as your answer would let her know exactly where she stands, even if she is in the wrong.

Intimacy has Disappeared

If you once had a loving and intimate relationship, a clear sign that she is cheating is the fact that it has all disappeared because she is getting all she wants from someone else. If you try to touch her and she moves away or she won’t kiss you, these are physical signs that your wife is cheating. She will try to make excuses but if this happens frequently then it could be time to broach the subject and ask her if she is cheating.

She is Coming Home Later

You know your wife really well and you know that she has always arrived home from work at a certain time but suddenly, all this has changed. Perhaps she is coming home a few hours later or says she is going for a few drinks with her friends. If this happens on a regular basis but is something that she has never done before, it is safe to say that she is more than likely having an affair.

Spotting the Signs is Simple

If you think that your wife is cheating, you will be able to find out just by looking for the right signs. These changes will clearly be noticeable and will give you a clear indication that she is having fun with someone else.