Are You Living in a Controlling Relationship?

controlling relationship

A relationship can go from being relatively normal to being a controlling relationship very quickly. Often, it might go unnoticed and so, you identifying the signs you’re in a controlling relationship can help you to confront the problem head-on. A controlling relationship can take many forms from controlling behaviour to mental control. Keep an eye out for these signs and make the right choices.

You Feel Guilty When You are With Your Friends

Everyone has the right to spend time with their friends and you are no different. However, if you feel guilty when you are with them then this could be one of the signs you’re in a controlling relationship. Perhaps your partner has made little comments such as “you’re seeing them again?” or “you are spending a lot of time with them”. All of this forms part of a manipulative relationship.

They Criticise the Things You Do

Nobody is perfect and we all make mistakes when in a relationship. Of course, every problem can take a different form but a controlling partner will question and criticise everything that you do. There are some things in a relationship that you let pass and small mistakes or issues are things you let pass. However, if they are constantly questioning you and criticising then they are clearly not considering your feelings and are displaying manipulative behaviour in a relationship.

They Tell You They Don’t Trust You

We all have concerns that the one we love will leave us or cheat but many of us tend to keep those feelings to ourselves. However, if they begin telling you that they don’t trust you, you could find yourself refraining from doing anything that could make them feel jealous. This is one sign of being in a controlling relationship. It does not matter how much you try to alleviate their concerns, if they are always saying that they don’t trust you, they will slowly take control over you.

They Make You Feel as Though You have Lost Your Sanity

Their constant questioning and snide remarks can leave you to question yourself. This is a form of mental torture and can leave you feeling as though everything is your fault. Being in a controlling relationship can prove difficult but the more they try to control you, the more you try to conform to their ideas. It can prove difficult but often it will leave you feeling as though you have lost all sanity.

You Can Take Back Control

If you have identified the signs of a controlling relationship and now know what a controlling relationship is, you can start to take action. You can either choose to confront your partner and explain that you know what they are doing or you can choose to leave them. Whatever you decide to do, you need to know that you should not allow your partner to control you in any way at all.