Why Do I Keep Thinking About My Ex

how to stop thinking about your ex

Is missing an ex-boyfriend a widespread phenomenon?

Much as you might feel your dilemma is a solitary one, but ‘missing my ex’ will rate highly among the most common gripes people have after a split. Perhaps the decision was mutual and you thought you’d move on, but your emotions are taking longer to cool. The question is what to do when you miss your ex-boyfriend? An obvious issue to consider is how much he misses you. Is there the slightest chance your feelings are reciprocated? Or is a more realistic answer, we parted for a reason and he’s obviously doesn’t think the same way? In which case you really need to start focusing on how to stop missing your ex.

Why do I miss my ex?

Every situation is different, but you’ll undoubtedly dwell on the question: is it normal to miss your ex? Of course it is. In the not too distant past, you were an item. You shared fantastic experiences together, including intimacy. It’s only natural to harbor intense feelings. In some instances, people will still feel as if they love their ex. Although it will seem harsh, when you miss your ex you have arrived at a crossroads where there are only two options. There is a chance of your relationship being rekindled, and which case you can actively pursue your ex-partner again. Or they make it clear they’re taking a different path. If you think ‘I still miss my ex but he doesn’t seem to miss me’ then you need to focus on a future without them. In time, you’ll feel much better for accepting this.

What to do when you miss your ex

You really need to rationalize these feelings. If someone asks if you still have feelings for them and your reply is always ‘I miss my ex every day we’re apart’ or ‘I still miss my ex and know we’ll get back together again,’ what you’re actually admitting is your own insecurity. The key is in one small but extremely telling syllable. Ex. You need to focus on the implications of being an ex-partner rather than a partner. If you’re holding onto a pipe dream you really need to let it go.

Best advice about what to do if you miss your ex

You have to concentrate on the much more mature outlook: how to not miss your ex. You’ll only be able to move forward when you accept closure. To do otherwise is to condemn yourself to exist in a limbo, grasping at wishful thinking and hanging on to fond memories. Instead, you should be focusing on the myriad possibilities of creating new ones.