Top Advice for Bisexual Relationship

Advice for Bisexual Relationship

We have entered a world where people are free to be who they want to be and can love who they choose, however it can still be difficult to navigate the bi dating world for a variety of reasons. Whether you need bisexual dating advice as you’re gay/straight or have just discovered your sexuality there are tips in our article that can help you make the most of bisexual dating.

How to Start Bisexual Dating

How to start bisexual dating is probably one of the easiest tips we will cover as the world has become more tolerant of various sexualities in recent years. Whether you’re using online dating or traditional dating means there are plenty of ways to start dating bisexual women and men. If you’re open about your intentions and are considerate towards other people you should find bisexual dating a breeze.

Tips for Starting a New Bisexual Relationship

New relationships are always fraught with peril as you never know how your partner will react to certain things. This is only amplified within a bisexual relationship as there is still a stigma attached to being bisexual. You must be aware that certain people will judge you and your partner for your choices, but they do not make you who you are. Even if you’re bisexual you should be conscious of:

The Crowd Your Partner Hangs Around

Your partner may decide to hang around with people who aren’t as comfortable with their sexuality as other people may be. Even if you have differing opinions you should respect your partner’s desire to be friends with that person and respect what they think. This doesn’t mean you should accept abuse, however, it means you should be mindful of their thoughts.

Be Considerate with Your Partner

They may not have come out yet or may be uncomfortable with certain things and it is not your job to pressure them into doing so. Coming out and sex are scary thoughts – especially when there is a stigma attached to these issues, so you should always respect your partner’s decision regarding the choices they make with their sexuality.

Advice on Dating a Bisexual Man/Woman When You’re Not Bi

Sometimes it can be exciting to date someone who is bi, but you need to be exceedingly careful when it comes to their feelings on their sexuality. Firstly, just because they’re going out with you it doesn’t mean they’re gay or straight. They still identify as bisexual and mislabelling your partner can hurt them a lot, especially when living in a world that so readily does so.

Furthermore, do not fetishize their sexuality or pressure your partner into being intimate with the same gender for your amusement. Being bisexual doesn’t make them promiscuous or possess a desire to have a three-way. You should never assume that they will be comfortable with these scenarios or try to force your fantasizes onto the other person.

As always you should be considerate about your partner’s feelings with every issue. Whether you’re gay/straight/bisexual you should always think about the other person first. Bisexuals already must deal with a lot of issues from external sources and do not need their partner adding to their list of woes. Communicate and love your partner with honesty at the forefront and you can’t go far wrong.