Having an Affair at Work Can Be Fun but Risky

affairs at work

Here’s how affairs start with a coworker

Talking to a married man, such as a friend’s partner, is something everyone does without thinking about it. Having an affair with a coworker is possibly the last thing on anyone’s mind at their job, but the situation becomes trickier when this married man is attractive and charming. And you’re in close proximity on a daily basis. Casual chat might lead to flirting. Without actually planning to do so, you could start having an affair with a married man at work. If you’re prepared to look on the bright side of cheating with a coworker, you won’t be dwelling on the downside. Yet.

Thinking about how to have an affair at work

Few people will embark on having an affair with a coworker while focusing on the potential fallout. Having an affair with a married man means setting aside any moral obligations. Does he have a wife and children? Do you need to construct an elaborate tissue of lies and alibis in order to cover your tracks? Do any of your colleagues know about the situation? Will it affect their perception of you when it comes to work situations? All these questions and more will flit through your mind. But as long as you are driven by intense feelings of desire, it’s likely your immediate happiness, albeit in the shorter-term, will take priority. At some point, however, you will need to consider the ‘what ifs?’

The consequences of sleeping with a married woman at work

People are frequently sexually attracted to others, but deviousness is required when considering how to have an affair with a coworker. There might be politics involved, depending on whether you’re her boss or vice versa. If it’s the latter situation, she will most likely wish to present a professional face as best she can. Signs she is cheating with a coworker will be kept to a minimum. She’ll most likely hope your encounters remain discreet. So be prepared to think of excuses for visiting hotels away from prying eyes. You’ll dream up mythical seminars and conferences taking place in distant locations. What happens if you want to finish it?

The truth about sexual affairs in the workplace

Workplace affairs are a journey you can enjoy, as long as you don’t dwell on the possible destination. Thinking realistically, sleeping with a married coworker can have devastating consequences. You might think your dangerous liaison is secret but people notice subtle signs. Cheating at work signs might not be obvious to you, but they will be to others. And being caught could affect your career and even lead to court cases. That’s a lot to weigh up before you let your hormones run away with themselves.