The Signs that Tell You It is Real Love

signs of true real love

When we begin a new relationship, we never really know how it is going to map out but as time goes on, there is every chance that you have fallen in love with them. However, there are some simple signs that tell you exactly whether you are in love and they are extremely simple signs. If you want to know the true feelings of love, read on because the signs are not that difficult to identify.

You Constantly Feel Happy

There is scientific research behind that feeling of happiness that you experience when you are in love. In fact, the feeling of being in love will give you a sensation of pleasure and excitement. All of these feel-good emotions leave you feeling happy all day long and that is because you have someone in your life who brings you all that you want from a relationship. That level of happiness that you are experiencing is one of the simple symptoms of true love.

You Want to be More Intimate

One of the main signs you are in love with her is the fact that you want to be more intimate. This is one of the signs of real love and that is because you gave an emotional and a physical connection with her. When you find true love, you have a partner who you want to be with all of the time and when that time arrives, you want to show them the affection and desire you have for them. Mixing love and pleasure is all part of being in a loving relationship, so enjoy it!

You Cannot Wait to See Them

Perhaps you spend all day at work longing to see her if so, that is a real sign you’re in love with her because she is all you can think of. That feeling of longing and wanting is all down to love and the chemistry you have as well as the happiness you experience when you are with her. When love is real, there is nothing you want more than to be with that special someone. When you are with them you get the chance to hold them, chat with them and share your passion. If you are wondering how to know if it is true love, then this one sign that you should look out for.

You Think about a Future Together

One of the other signs of true love is that you are always thinking about the future and how you want to spend it together. This is one of the signs of real love but it is a clear indication that you see yourself with them well into the future. You might think about starting a family, buying your first home or travelling the world and if they are included in that then you can be sure that this is true love.

When You Know Love is Real

If those strange feelings you have been experiencing have left you baffled then now you know what they are all about. These are the feelings of love and that is what makes love so exciting. Love has a way of making people feel and think in different ways but if you spot one of these clear signs then there is no doubt that the person you are with is the one that you love.