Wondering How to Flirt Online? Use Our 3 Effective Methods

How to Flirt Online

Do you get many dates chatting to someone online? You probably want to find out how to flirt online effectively to not only boost your confidence but to win over people as well. After all, flirting is a game of persuasion.

The problem when you flirt with people online is that it can be pretty cold. It isn’t like speaking to someone at a bar. When you meet someone on a night out you can judge their mood, their reactions and generally you come across more natural. On the internet it is a different story altogether.

We have some flirting online tips that will make you a much better communicator and will help you to win more.

#1 Use Emoji’s But Don’t Over Do It

Emoji’s are one of the best methods to come across as playful and flirty. When trying to convince someone that you aren’t creepy and are actually quite laid back, emoji’s help to lighten the mood.
Flirting online shouldn’t be a serious thing. It should be enjoyable and while you are trying to convince the other person to go out with you it shouldn’t be a pressured situation. If you are wondering how to go from flirting to dating, then using emoji’s to create a fun atmosphere is a good start. Sending messages back and forth isn’t the same as your university dissertation – have fun and be creative!

#2 Send Compliments Now and Again

Everyone loves getting a compliment. Who doesn’t like to be told that they look great or that the thing they just did was pretty awesome? Compliments stir a whole load of emotions in us and all of them are positive.
A word of warning is not to go overboard. If all you are doing is dishing out meaningless compliments, then it is going to come across as pretty shallow. Instead only give them out when they matter the most.

#3 Don’t Get Overly Sexual

This is a common mistake when you think the conversation is really going well. You are hitting it off so the other person definitely wants to sleep with you, right? Well not always.
Unless the chat is definitely heading in that direction, stay away from overly sexual comments. Some playfulness and teasing is fine, in fact it is encouraged, but don’t come across too full on. If you want to start a flirty text conversation with someone then talking like the dialogue in adult movie isn’t going to help.

Still Wondering How to Flirt Online?

These tips should set you on your way to initiating and maintaining a natural and healthy conversation on dating sites and apps.
You don’t want to come across too enthusiastic and you don’t want to seem distant either. It can be a hard thing to balance. Just be natural, use emoji’s to lighten the mood, throw out a few compliments and refrain from being too sexual. Use these tips and you will be able to flirt with people online a lot easier while also gaining more dates into the bargain as well.