A Guide to Making Yourself Totally Irresistible to Men

how to be irresistible to men

How to be irresistible to men

Many women fret about how to look irresistible. But here’s the good news about how to be irresistible to boys. It doesn’t take that much to arrest a guy’s attention. Driven by testosterone, they can be shallow creatures, easily hypnotized by long legs, cascading hair or the mere hint of cleavage. A lot of how to become irresistible is down to human nature, so think of appealing to his basic senses: sight, smell and touch. Be confident around him, and tactile. But also tease him. You’ll soon be lodged in his thoughts.

The key to physical attraction

There’s a saying about beauty being in the eye of the beholder, so what makes someone attractive varies considerably. You should be aware of this fact, that men are individuals so if you are pursuing one guy it would be worth basing how to make yourself irresistible to a man on his particular tastes. Does he love a curvaceous figure? Wear something clingy and undo your top buttons!

Although how to be irresistible to guys can be tailored, there are generic recommendations. Men love an enticing perfume, well-applied make-up, and being in the presence of an assertive woman who is dressed to kill.

How to get noticed

The question of what makes someone attractive has altered throughout history, but one common denominator has been sheer animal magnetism. This is the imperceptible quality of being able to make an impression without even really trying that much. A lot of what makes you sexually attracted to someone isn’t down to anything as obvious as the provocative outfit they might be wearing or the way they flirt shamelessly (although these play an important part), it’s down to unspoken communication.

What you don’t say to one another can impact what makes you attractive. It’s the chemistry that can be generated by subtle but knowing looks, a lingering smile, or the way you approach a guy you like by tossing your hair or toying with the necklace draped around your bare neck.

Other ways to be irresistible to men

To conclude, men adore women who come across as confident – but not brash. Your ability to be assertive and willing to take responsibility needs to be tempered with a sense of mystery. It might seem like a difficult balance to achieve but it’s not really.

What you’re doing is demonstrating the physical impression you are giving – the curves, the pouting lips and so on – are merely what you are exposing on the surface. Beneath that, you are a complex person with many different sides to your personality. For all that guys love provocative, they’ll be even more intrigued by those hidden depths.