How Do You Make a Guy Miss You?

How to make a guy miss you

How to make a guy miss you and want you more

If you want to know how to make a guy miss you, here’s the crucial factor: create distance. The best way to make a guy miss you is to ensure he never takes you for granted. Ways to make a guy miss you include spending time with your own friends, emphasizing that you’re going on a girls’ night out and if he dares gatecrash he’ll be showing you up in front of your friends. What to do to make a guy miss you even more? Post photos of yourself having a great time without him on social media. Underline the fact you’re independent.

And if you want to know how to make a guy miss you through text, apply the same tactics. Let him know you’re not exactly pining for him. Sew a little jealousy, even. The sight of other guys in the background of those photos, no matter how innocent or coincidental, will inspire him to up his game.

Long distance romance

Whether we’re talking holiday romances or relationships where one partner has gone off to study or work out of town, you’ll want to know how to make a guy miss you long distance. When you Skype or video chat, always have a full complement of makeup applied. Better still, get in touch late at night when can appear on his screen wearing skimpy pajamas.

What makes a man miss a woman the most is something as basic as that – the fact you look hot and he’s not there. This will drive him crazy with frustration. When a man misses you he’s not likely to be cool about it. He’ll well end up whining about not being with you. So how to make him miss you is not exactly rocket science!

When he misses you too much

One issue when a guy says he misses you first is that it can indicate an imbalance in a relationship. If you miss him, do you cope with it far better than the way he seems to be with you? Does he complain you’re not together, especially when it’s clear the green-eyed monster is rearing its ugly head? Do you get interrogated about where you are when you’re not with him?

Unfortunately, if he’s missing you far more than you’re missing him this could be a symptom of something deeper. You might be quite content to have distance between you. This could lead to you yearning for a more permanent set-up. If you want to know how to get a man to leave you in these circumstances, it couldn’t be any easier. Keep letting him know how much you relish freedom until he gets the message.