Vital Information on Self-Sabotaging Relationships

Self-Sabotaging Relationships

Self-Sabotage Within a Relationship

Forming a strong relationship with someone is vital to many people’s happiness but there are some people who continuously sabotage their relationships. Whether they’re/you’re aware of it many people exhibit tell-tale signs of self-sabotaging behaviour in relationships and there are simple ways to help prevent it from happening once you’ve identified your problem. Whether you’re self-sabotaging your relationship or you think your partner may be doing so there is something to learn from our advice on self-sabotaging relationships.

Why People Sabotage Relationships?

The key to understanding self-sabotaging relationships is the ability to comprehend the reasoning behind it. Everyone is different and there is an abundance of reasons why your partner or yourself may be trying to sabotage your relationship.

One of the major reasons why someone may sabotage their relationship is because they’re not happy and can’t or won’t end the relationship through discussion. They may push their partner to a point of ending their relationship as they can’t deal with it themselves. Furthermore, many self-sabotaging people are incredibly insecure – in themselves, in relationships and their attitudes towards their partner – so will exhibit toxic behaviour that pushes the relationships to termination.

Signs of Self-Sabotaging Behaviour

Once again, many people are different, and they’ll use different techniques to ensure they successfully sabotage the relationship. Many people can be sabotaging a relationship subconsciously and believe their behaviour is perfectly justified, so if you or your partner is exhibiting any of the following behaviours it could be a sign that they’re/you’re sabotaging your relationship.

Profound Lack of Intimacy. Some people are more intimate than others and sometimes people are just in a bad mood, but if you’re noticing they’re expressly avoiding any contact or are constantly dodging interactions with you, then it could be a sign that they’re trying to sabotage your relationship.

Negative Perspective Towards the Relationship. If you/your partner are constantly getting agitated by the other person and are sick of their presence, then this could be a sign you/them are sabotaging your relationship. Furthermore, if you look at your relationship negatively and don’t see the positive, then you could be subconsciously sabotaging your relationship as your perspective influences your behaviour.

How to Stop Self-Sabotaging Relationships

Taking steps to changing your own behaviour is no easy task, however without being able to fix these behavioural issues within yourself, you’ll never be able to connect with someone fully. By thinking about your actions and understanding your behaviour you can begin to fix your self-sabotage habits. Ways to help fix these issues include:

Understanding Your Past Relationships. Many people get triggered in their new relationships by events in their past which, then, cause them to act in a certain way. By understanding your past and what has affected you, you can move forward and begin to comprehend that your new relationship doesn’t have to turn-out the same way.

Think Before Acting. If you know you are notorious for intentionally sabotaging your relationship, then become more aware of your habits and behaviours. Think before acting and look at your behaviour from an unbiased viewpoint.

Most of the time, self-sabotage of a relationship will be carried-out by the more insecure person and there are ways and means to understanding this behaviour. By understanding your own self-sabotage tendencies, you can work towards fixing them and identify them within potential partners in the future.