Are You Afraid to Commit to a Relationship?

Fear of Commitment

The Increase in the Fear of Commitment

There has been an undeniable increase in centering our beliefs around ourselves and giving into our inner-most desires. Today the most people can have what they want on demand – food, the newest gadgets, and intimate experiences – at the drop of a hat, so nobody works towards anything or puts in the effort to make something work. Now it isn’t just men who fear commitment as more and more women have a fear of relationships. Why is it we are now so scared of commitment and how can we overcome these issues?

Why Are People Afraid of Commitment?

Everybody is different and commitment issues can stem from all manner of causes, however, there are a few key aspects which are most prevalent for those with commitment issues, such as:

Selfish. Most people can’t think beyond themselves today, so is it any wonder that long-term relationships and marriage have become less prevalent? Some people are afraid to commit to a relationship as it doesn’t suit their need to have what they want all the time.

Unrealistic Expectations of a Relationship. If you want to find relationship goals you don’t need to go far as many social media platforms push unrealistic expectations on people every day. From the perfect body to the perfect relationship there is a set of requirements that are made to feel attainable, so when people don’t have the ‘perfect’ relationship they believe it is out there somewhere.

• Past Relationships. There used to be a time where you may date a few people but ultimately settle-down relatively quickly, however, more people are having more relationships which means there is greater opportunity to be hurt. This hurt and pain can instill fear in people and make them less likely to commit.

How to Get Over Fear of Commitment Issues

First, you must learn to put others first and to genuinely do so; to act with charity and compassion for everyone. By putting the other person first, you’ll be able to let go of your own ego and start thinking about your future with someone else. You can only truly share a part of yourself when you’re willing to understand that there is more to life than your own desires.

Secondly, you need to be able to talk to your partner about your commitment issues and if they’re mature they’ll understand and help you through. Discussing can relieve a subconscious burden and help you form a more tangible idea of where your fear of commitment stems from. Furthermore, this will help you understand your behavior and help you secure an idea of why you act the way you do.

Lastly, think before you act. It can be very easy to end a relationship quickly when you’re scared of commitment, but honestly ask yourself why you’re doing so.

Get Over Your Fear of Relationships

You need to understand yourself and your reasoning before you can make any steps towards relieving the fear of commitment. Relationships are selfless as they require you to think about someone else, understand how they feel and care for them above yourself; whereas your fear of commitment comes from not being able to put aside your own pride. Work on yourself, understand your demons and you’ll be able to rid yourself of your commitment problems.