Relationships Are About Compromise

Compromise in a Relationship

A Relationship without Compromise is Doomed to Fail

It is easy these days to purely think of oneself; whether it’s regarding money, your career or your relationship many people don’t possess enough responsibility to think about others in any great depth. Love is a compromise and you can’t have a healthy and honest relationship without it. We discuss what compromise means, how to compromise in a relationship and why it is important, so you can start making genuine steps to pursuing a more wholesome relationship.

What Does It Mean to Compromise in a Relationship?

Loosely speaking, a compromise is a settlement reached by each party who’re in disagreement which involves concessions being made by each side. The main difference between this and compromising in a relationship is that it involves just the two of you. Compromises in a relationship can consist of a variety of different issues such as: financial decisions, plans for days off, time spent together etc. Compromising means that both of you come to a decision that works for both parties without alienating or pressuring the other.

Why is Compromise Important in a Relationship?

When you’re in a genuine and strong relationship you become more than just two people who spend a vast large amount of time together; you start to become one. That doesn’t mean you lose your identity or who you are, but it entails that you think about someone other than yourself. So, how can compromising help your relationship? There are three key aspects that are intrinsically linked with compromising in a relationship and they are:

Restoring Balance to Your Relationship. If everything is one-sided all the time, then there is an inherent power struggle which will take place in every decision. If someone in the relationship becomes domineering it can breed resentment and stress on the other party.

Stops Resentment. It can be extremely easy to start blaming the dominant person in the relationship on everything that goes wrong in your relationship or life. Compromise in relationships allows you to talk and open up to your partner and let out all the emotions that can breed resentment.

Gives You Perspective. When you’re regularly making a compromise, it enables you to see your partner’s point of view, therefore allowing you to understand them as a person and help your relationship grow.

How to Make Compromises in a Relationship?

There is no set solution on how to compromise in a relationship as you need to inherently respect and understand your partner’s perspective. However, you can continue to have logical discussions about the topic at hand and try to understand each other. By talking and openly communicating with one another you’ll be able to put your case across and reach a solution that is advantageous to you both.

Compromise doesn’t mean lying down and giving someone what they want; compromise challenges you, makes you think and allows you to understand your partner more. Compromise enables you to think about something above yourself and encourages you to act with sincerity. If you respect and love your partner you should be able to come to terms with one another with ease.