Warning Signs of a Toxic Relationship

signs of toxic relationship

The key warning signs of a toxic relationship

In some instances signs of a toxic relationship are not readily identifiable because denial is a common symptom. But if you really want to know if your relationship is toxic, ask yourself if you could be happier. Take some time to analyze your partner’s attributes. Is this relationship all about you giving and your other half taking all the time? Do you find you can hardly ever agree on anything, a fractious situation that leads to constant bickering? How about long-term planning? Among the most obvious signs you’re in a toxic relationship is failure to commit, or to set targets or ambitions. This could cover anything from booking a holiday to expecting support from your loved one.

Signs of a bad relationship with a woman

There are certain signs of a failing relationship that are a dead giveaway. Would you describe the situation at home as pleasant or hostile? If it’s the latter then you need to remedy this. Are you always being judged? Would you describe your other half as narcissistic? Are they preoccupied with self-worth at the expense of empathy towards you? Other signs of a bad relationship with a woman include a partner being unreliable. And not just now and again. This may well be his default behavior.

How to escape an unhealthy partnership

It’s one thing to know how to recognize an unhealthy relationship but it’s something altogether more difficult deciding what on earth to do about it. When someone is emotionally exhausted in a relationship they have probably reached a point where they have grown so used to this they put up a front whenever friends try to intervene. When asked directly what the problem is, nine times out of ten they’ll shrug their shoulders and claim that it’s being blown out of all proportion. While this may seem ridiculous from the outside, to someone directly affected, denying the enormity of what they are forced to live through on a daily basis is simply a coping mechanism.

So if you’ve asked the question ‘what is a toxic relationship’ and found that your experience leads you to tick all the boxes, it would undoubtedly be in our own interests to extricate yourself. This is something that must be done with great care, as bad relationships are generally the fault of someone with self-esteem issues. If they suspect their partner is going to leave they could become volatile. Despite giving every appearance of not caring about their significant other, losing them would be even worse.

Ensure you receive support from family and friends when leaving. Invite a burly male workmate or two to help you collect your things – toxic boyfriends are invariably cowards!