Maturity in a Relationship is Positive and Uplifting

Maturity in a Relationship

What are the key signs of maturity in a relationship?

Signs of emotional maturity in a woman or her partner can be fairly obvious. Has your relationship reached a point where you are not only happy together, you are equally comfortable doing separate things? Jealousy and insecurity are among the key signs of emotional immaturity in men.

So what does maturity mean and why is it important? It means you’ve reached a stage where the fact you see your future together has become implicit. You chat about shared goals. You may disagree but you don’t fight. You are always fully supportive of one another.

Viewed from the outside, it may seem that a partnership that has reached this stage is somehow less exciting than one defined by friction, where sparks are always flying. But the outbursts of drama that punctuate many an immature relationship, unless they are eventually resolved, are destructive. Slowly and surely they sow seeds of doubt. There are only two ways to go from here: the couple does become more focused or trust is gradually eroded even further.

So how do you spot the difference between mature and immature love?

The signs of selfishness in a relationship are sometimes subtle. When one partner is making suggestions, do they rarely take the other’s point of view into account? Is it always their choice? Are decisions rarely debated? All these signs relationship problems exist need to be addressed.

Emotionally immature men characteristics are diverse. Does he complain all the time? Is he lazy? Does he tend to make everything seem like one big joke, even when he’s supposed to be discussing some sensitive issue his partner has broached? Immature guys will think nothing of insulating their partner. This could be everything from their dress sense to their feelings about something. None of these are positive traits, and in some cases the journey towards a mature relationship can seem so distant that one partner might feel compelled to cut their losses and move on.

Immature relationship signs

Immature women in relationships can be equally as damaging as emotionally immature men. But an important aspect in dealing with this emotional immaturity is understanding there may be deep-rooted reasons why one or other partner is behaving in this way.

Maturity means recognizing issues and dealing with them by bringing them into the open. A fairly common issue for women is the sense they are somehow inadequate. Bombarded by magazine images or social media posts, they might profess to having issues with how they look. The partner simply telling them they are acting irrationally will do nothing to retrieve the situation. A mature relationship calls for level-headed discussion. Calmly intervening and trying to place worries in perspective will help to diffuse the self-doubt rather than glibly suggesting they aren’t thinking straight.